The Support Team

Life is good and every day is a gift (as one of my friend’s used to say), but life can also be a roller coaster.  Even for the most optimistic and upbeat people there is an occasional speed bump in the road of life.  And, no matter how big or small that bump may be, having a support team is often essential in getting over the hump.

I have many inspirational people in my life that I use to help me get through the rough days, but one of the most amazing support groups is right here in Tatum Ranch!  It is the Running Chicks of Cave Creek (also known as RC3).  If you are a runner and live in the Tatum Ranch, Cave Creek or Scottsdale area – you have to check this group out.  RC3’s mission statement says it all and is very true:  “We are dedicated to fostering camaraderie, fitness and fun through regular running activities and event participation. We are strong, kind-hearted Chicks who support our local community and charities.”

I am not a competitive runner, I run solely for a social outlet and so I can eat more!  But, running with the RC3 chicks makes it fun.  This group brings with it motivation, great conversation, and unbelievable encouragement and support.  For example, this past weekend, a lot of the chicks were doing a 20 mile training run.  It was a brutal and hilly run, but one of the RC3 chicks provided the ultimate support for the team – she had a car full of fruit, snacks, assorted beverages and more – and she met us every few miles to help us re-fuel and keep going.   The same was done the next day for an additional group of women doing the same route.

If you are ever having a down day on the roller coaster of life, just spending a few minutes with this unbeatable support team will help to bring you right back up!  Plus, it will help you burn a few calories and run out any stress you might have!!!

I don’t know if you can find this kind of spirit and generosity in other neighborhoods, but this is just one example of what makes living in Tatum Ranch so POSITIVE!


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